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Back to the Future? Great Movie. Lousy Bathroom Décor.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If you have ever watched HGTV or any of the other ubiquitous decorating channels, you know that one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to renovating and remodeling is the bathroom. No matter how stunning the rest of your house might be, if the bathrooms are lacking in appeal it can throw everything off.

How do you tell that you really need to update? While some vintage styles can lend your space a great deal of charm (think clawfoot tubs, pastel tiles and pedestal sinks), other’s just make everything seem out-of-date and downright ugly. Let’s talk about a few sure signs that it might be time to think remodeling your bathroom.

• Flooring – There is a reason that these rooms used to be called “water closets”. Between showers/baths, running water in the sink and using the commode having carpet, cracked, split, or peeling linoleum or old, warped and damaged wood in your bathroom is inviting mold, mildew and all kinds of bacteria to move in and stay. Think about switching to large-format tiles in ceramic or natural stone and, if you must have that cozy carpet feel, limit yourself to a machine-washable bath mat.

• Countertops/Cabinets – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snore* . . . Oh, sorry! Looking at those countertops put me right to sleep. In all seriousness, old and boring or, even worse, those horrid rounded corner, mauve or avocado countertops need to go. Not even the 90s want those back. And that sturdy oak vanity? Yeah. Buh-bye. For the counters, focus on clean lines and earthy, neutral colors and textures in stone, quartz or another solid surface. As for the cabinets, while you can always replace them for new, there are also a lot of other, more economical options like painting or re-facing.

• Lighting – Unless you have finally made it on Broadway, get rid of those glaringly-bright exposed bulbs over your wall-sized mirror. And ditch the wall-sized mirror. Both are sure signs of a dated space. Fortunately, both are cheap and easy to update. Consider replacing that massive plate mirror with framed mirrors and swap out those bulbs for a pair of LED sconces or an updated bathroom bar with frosted shades to soften the light.

• Fixtures/Accessories – Once upon a time fixtures of brass, clear knobs on the faucets, and snoozable beige, boring fixtures were all the rage. But, like all old fairy tales, they have come to the end of their story. Even whirlpool baths are considered past their prime in today’s design world. Why not go for something clean and crisp like fixtures in white and sleek faucets in chrome, nickel or gold? And replace that bathtub with a freestanding soaker, if your budget permits.

• Space – Just yesterday you were potty training, teaching them to brush their teeth and making bubble beards at bath time. Now your sweet angels fight incessantly over the prime real estate that is the bathroom sink and threatening bodily harm while stumbling over each other getting ready in the morning. You REALLY need a bigger, better bathroom. Fortunately, there are ways to renovate and remodel that can give you a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space – and keep your kids from killing each other.

If it’s time to update your bathroom design and you need some bathroom remodeling ideas or you’re ready to consider bath renovation costs, Midwest Property Pros is here for you. Call us today to schedule a free on-site consultation and let our experts give you the most accurate bathroom remodel cost estimate. The perfect bathroom for you is only a phone call away!



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