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Mason Roof Transition

You probably don’t think a lot about your roof, but if it develops problems, your home could face serious, expensive damage.

Build it Brothers not only installs new roofs, we can also fix major issues such as a mason roof transition to correct extensive problems and leaking.

The Challenge

The homeowners had their home built about 20 years ago, and it was their first house together as a married couple. Now close to retirement, the couple faced a substantial problem. Faulty construction by another company was causing damage to the home they’ve enjoyed throughout their married life. Five years ago, they had an addition built on the rear of the home, but another company built the rear roof line higher than the roof of the house. As a result, freezing water was trapped, opening the rubber roof seal. The couple had major water issues and infiltration year round. They have insurance, but they were at risk of having their homeowner’s insurance dropped due to claims of faulty construction.

The Solution

A First, our craftsmen had to tear out the old roof. We then changed the pitch of the roof so that it correctly matched that of the addition. Build it Brothers always strives to match the original architecture of the home, making any changes and additions look like they were part of the original design. To achieve that goal, we colorĀ­ matched the profile and type of siding that was already on the home, so the effect was seamless and looked as though it was always a part of the home. We also matched the existing pitch to the front of the house and the rear addition.

The job was very challenging, since the home was a triĀ­level, and we had to ensure that the roofline, ventilation, and gutter systems all worked together to protect the home. Our Built it Brothers are experienced in roofing and ventilation, so we were fully prepared to address these issues and ensure that water was carried safely away from the home.

The Results

Despite the fact that the project was complicated, it was a 100 percent success.

We eliminated the water issue and gave the clients a properly functioning home. They can rest easy, knowing that their home isn’t in danger of future water damage. In addition, we drastically improved the home’s resale value.

The homeowner had learned a great deal about home maintenance and improvements, and he understandably wanted to be on site after his bad experience with the previous project. He took vacation time to oversee the work, but after the first week, he could tell we were performing the job to the highest level. He no longer felt the need to be present, because we had earned his confidence, and he could trust that the job would be done right.

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