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EPDM Roof Project

Commercial roofing helps protect expensive facilities and equipment, so it’s imperative that it function at the highest levels. It needs to be durable while still looking attractive.

In addition, choosing the right roofing can help reduce your energy costs. Build it Brothers can help identify the source of leaks or other problems and install a roofing system that will improve the look and performance or your facility.

The Challenge

A world-renowned printing press manufacturer had significant water issues for over four years. The problem was becoming progressively worse, with no end in sight. As a result, the company’s facility and extremely expensive equipment – including $1.5 million printing presses – were at risk. The company wanted to remain in their facility for a long period of time, so finding a solid, lasting solution was essential.

The Solution

The manufacturing facility had many tenants over the years, each of which required different exhaust systems. As former tenants moved out and new ones moved in, a patchwork of redundant exhaust systems was left in place. We removed all unnecessary vents and covered them with sheet metal.

We discussed the company’s needs and goals with them, determining that they were interested in becoming more energy-conscious and efficient. They also needed to protect their extremely expensive products from damage, so they were willing to invest in the longevity of their roofing system. We selected Firestone TPL InvisiWeld, a high-performance thermal plastic roofing system that perfectly suited their needs with an appealing appearance, high performance, increased longevity, and energy efficiency.

Other membrane options are typically black, so they absorb heat. In contrast, InvisiWeld is more energy efficient, especially in respect to the client’s specific needs. Their most important consideration was ensuring that their machinery, which produces a lot of heat, stays sufficiently cool, so InvisiWeld was the perfect solution.

This roofing system can be installed quickly, so disruption to the business is minimized. Since it welds to itself in the installation process, there are no weak points in the roof. This solution is relatively expensive, but the client felt that it best met their needs for a durable roof that would stand up against wind and prevent leaks that could damage their equipment. Because Build it Brothers are certified installers of InvisiWeld, we have the experience and knowledge needed to do the job right. Additionally, because of our certified installer status, our clients receive a 20-year warranty.

The Results

The company’s facility now has no leaks, and the customer is 100 percent satisfied.

They were quickly impressed with our work – so much so that they asked us to do a remodel of their industrial space even as we were finishing the roof project.The company has also started to see a reduction in their energy bills – a savings that will be repeated month after month, improving their bottom line.

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