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Commercial Interior Remodel

At Build it Brothers, we’re ready to tackle any size of commercial interior remodel, no matter how large or small.

Our skilled, efficient PROS recently exceeded the expectations of a large manufacturer, transforming their space for a completely different purpose.

The Challenge

The manufacturer needed to convert their facility that was used to make printing presses into a showroom for these presses. These multi-million dollar machines are widely renowned in the printing industry for their ability to make high-quality graphics and details, so our challenge was to create a showroom that would match this high standard and commitment to excellence. The showroom needed to set the right tone with potential buyers and create the correct impression of the manufacturer. The company’s corporate offices are based in Denmark, with additional locations spread across the globe, so the showroom would be seen – and need to impress – people from throughout the world.

The Solution

The following are some of the steps we employed to solve the logistical and design challenges presented by this project:
  • Opening up the space by tearing down walls
  • Repairing the entire floor, which had suffered extensive abuse since it served as a manufacturing facility
  • Along the same lines, we built a stone wall front desk that matched the countertops throughout the office
  • Improving the floor with a high-gloss epoxy finish, making it appropriate for a gleaming showroom
  • Utilizing red quartz throughout the space, which added durability and visual appeal in addition to allowing us to incorporate company’s branding color in a seamless way
  • Redoing all the bathrooms, making them able to handle – and be appropriate for – a high volume of outside visitors
  • Tinting the windows to help reduce glare and fading and to increase the building’s aesthetic appeal
  • Designing and building a new kitchen and break room area
  • Making a stylish and comfortable lounge area for guests to enjoy in the showroom

The Results

It’s hard to imagine a more complete renovation of space, both in terms of function and appearance

Build it Brothers created a showroom that not only met the company’s practical needs and goals, but also made a showplace that attracts visitors from all over the world. Inspired by the design of the company’s corporate offices in Denmark, we remodeled a very industrial, workman-like space to create the nicest showroom in the industry. The company has gone from having no showroom at all to having a point of substantial pride and interest that sets the standard worldwide. They now have the top showroom of any printing press manufacturer in the world.

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